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We just added a new section to our website.  This is a construction area that will be devoted to
1/144th scale houses and interiors.  We are currently working on some new 1/144th scale house kits
based on 1/12th scale doll houses.  These will be available from the website shortly.  Contact us and
let us know what you think.

Why the name DAVISWOOTON?  

This is because we really admire the Wooton Desks built by the Wooton Desk Company of Indiana.  These desks will
be the primary focus of the miniatures portion of this website.  Our current plan is to complete several of these desks
in 12th scale.  Currently there are 5 desks in the process if construction.  I still need to workout some of the details
before I can complete them.  

Recently I decided to add a Miniature Home Construction section that will focus primarily on construction techniques
and house plans.  I have many ideas in mind for this section.


This area is focused on providing design services for anything mechanical.  We will also provide drafting services for
those who may have that need.  

Some of the pages for this site are not complete as we are in construction but this is a start.